Winter 2006

Ergo Proxy Season 1 [Dub]

23 episodes · TV Completed Ergo Proxy, エルゴプラクシー

Inside the domed metropolis of Romdo lies one of many final human civilizations on Earth. Hundreds of years in the past, a worldwide ecological disaster doomed the planet; now, life exterior these domes is just about unattainable. To expedite mankind’s restoration, “AutoReivs,” humanoid-like robots, have been created to help individuals of their day-to-day lives. Nonetheless, AutoReivs have begun contracting an enigmatic illness known as the “Cogito Virus” which grants them self-awareness. Re-l Mayer, granddaughter of Romdo’s ruler, is assigned to analyze this phenomenon alongside her AutoReiv accomplice Iggy. However what begins as a routine investigation shortly spirals right into a conspiracy as Re-l is confronted by humanity’s darkest sins.

Elsewhere in Romdo, an AutoReiv specialist by the identify of Vincent Legislation should additionally face his demons when surreal occasions start occurring round him. Re-l, Iggy, Vincent, and the kid AutoReiv named Pino, will type an unlikely faction as they wrestle to uncover Romdo’s mysteries and in the end, uncover the true function of the legendary beings known as “Proxies.”

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