Winter 1998

Burn Up Excess Season 4 [Dub]

Magic Bus
13 episodes · TV Completed Burn Up Excess, Burn Up! X, Burn Up! Excess, バーンナップEXCESS

Follows the exploits of Group Warrior, a particular anti-terror wing of the Neo-Tokyo Police power. Group Warrior is comprised of the habitually broke Rio, gun-crazy Maya, laptop specialist Lillica, tech-expert Nanvel, piliot/voyeur Yuji, and is led by the enigmatic Maki. The crew faces plenty of missions, starting from bodyguard obligation, breaking apart theft and arms rackets, and offering safety for a really highly effective tank. Rio and firm frequently thwart the terrorist goals of Ruby, an operative for a shadowy cabal of highly effective males. Earlier than the ultimate showdown, the circumstances behind the formation of Group Warrior, how the precocious Rio got here to hitch it, and Maki’s painful previous might be revealed.

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